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Case study: Helping OpsXL modernize their accounting and save time

See how Your Accounting Cloud helped OpsXL streamline their bookkeeping and payroll, optimize their tax planning, and support them throughout the pandemic
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July 2021
Case study: Helping OpsXL modernize their accounting and save time

OpsXL is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations consulting firm that works with companies in Canada and the United States to help them streamline their business operations.

The challenge 

OpsXL works with clients in Canada and the United States, requiring frequent travel to provide on-location consultations. As the company invoices clients for expenses and hourly work, they need a simple solution to track expenses and generate invoices on the go.

Before reaching out to Your Accounting Cloud, OpsXL handled their accounting through a spreadsheet, manually recording information, generating invoices for clients, and entering expenses and receipts at month's end.

In short, OpsXL's approach was very traditional, with minimal automation. Because they entered information retroactively, financial and tax planning was very difficult and inconsistent. 

Getting in touch

OpsXL reached out to our team when they were hit with an unexpectedly large tax bill at year's end.

Throughout our meetings, we got to know their business and identified their most significant accounting pain points. We then presented a custom-tailored plan to help address every concern, alleviate time inefficiencies, and simplify tax planning.

The YAC solution

Our first step was to move OpsXL's financial system to the cloud. To do this, we moved their information to QuickBooks.

We also worked with OpsXL's team members to train them on using QuickBooks, including how to navigate the platform, find key information, and so on.

With QB set up and running, OpsXL's team could always access their live financial information and make more informed financial decisions. Our team also reviewed their data as it came in to make sure expenses were always correctly recorded.

With the QB platform set up, we moved on to setting up the rest of the cloud accounting stack.

Automating expense tracking & payroll

A large part of OpsXL's work happens while travelling between clients. To help make expense tracking easy while on the go, we helped set up Dext. By integrating Dext with QuickBooks, we enabled automatic expense categorization and tracking, eliminating the need to record expenses manually. 

Using either Dext or our mobile app, expense tracking is as simple as scanning a receipt or uploading a document. The app automatically scans the contents using Optical Character Recognition and records them in the appropriate expense category. Our team reviews the records for accuracy, keeping OpsXL's books up-to-date throughout the year.

Much like expense tracking, payroll management required a quick and on the go solution. To address this, we set up Payment Evolution and connected it with QB to help automatically track and record all payroll transactions.

Personalized reminder system

With the new accounting setup complete, we helped set up a custom reminder system to support OpsXL's workflow. To accomplish this, we set up automated email reminders for important recurring events, including payroll and remittance payments.

To help prevent missed deadlines, if the emails were not opened before a set time, our system sent a second email to OpsXL and a member of our team.

Simplified tax planning

Once the new system was up and running, our team could review OpsXL's live financial information and help develop and adjust their financial and tax planning throughout the year. Automated reminders throughout the year kept payments on track, and an optimized tax plan helped OpsXL save money and plan for the future.

The impact of the COVID pandemic

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the cloud accounting system we developed for OpsXL easily adapted to the changing regulations and other unanticipated challenges of the pandemic. For example, the online system quickly adapted to the changed T4 reporting requirements in 2020.

The fully online accounting setup also allowed our team to support OpsXL without any interruption or delay. Taking advantage of our online booking system, OpsXL could always find a time to get in touch. Using conferencing and screen-sharing tools like Google Meet made it easy to set up a meeting online to answer questions, review financial information, or help with important decisions.

The results

By moving OpsXL's accounting system to the cloud and introducing automation, we helped OpsXL save an average of 20 accounting-related work hours every month.

With their information fully online, OpsXL could always access their real-time financial data, and so could our team. Business trip expense tracking became effortless and accurate with automatic scanning and categorization. Our team would consistently quickly OpsXL's financial information throughout the year, keeping the records accurate and up to date.

Real-time financial information made tax planning and optimization a lot more effective. By working with OpsXL throughout the year, we helped develop, maintain, and periodically update a tax strategy which resulted in significant tax savings.

Best of all, come tax time, there were no surprises. By managing expenses and planning throughout the year, year-end tax filing was a quick and simple process.


  • Physical receipts were carried around during travels and manually recorded at month's end
  • Payroll was manually sent out through e-transfer and recorded in a spreadsheet
  • Retroactive accounting made tax planning very difficult
  • Manual workflow led to avoidable oversights and overdue payments


  • Automatic expense tracking on the go - OpsXL could quickly snap and upload receipts on the go, and our team could easily access them for account reconciliation
  • Dext & QuickBooks integration quickly recorded and accurately categorized all expenses and invoices
  • PayEvo helped streamline payroll and integration with QuickBooks automatically recorded all payments in real time
  • Automated reminders keep payments and other important tasks on timely
  • Real-time financial data enables our team to help optimize taxes and provide accurate financial consulting throughout the year


Our work with OpsXL is an excellent example of the changing role of accountants today. By combining the latest technologies with personalized, unlimited, and easy to access consulting, we helped OpsXL address their biggest concerns. Moreover, the automation of many tasks freed OpsXL's team to focus on their work and allowed us to invest more of our time in supporting OpsXL throughout the year and during tax season.

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