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What is the purpose of each folder?

When you create a YAC account, our platform automatically generates a folder with your businesses' name, as well as a set of default folders for sorting all the information relating to that business:

Typical business directory structure

Note: to simplify the sorting of information, YAC automatically creates annual sub folders in each of the above categories. As such, a typical path would look similar to this:

Business Name → Bookkeeping → Year # → Receipts

What kinds of documents are contained in each folder type?

Below is a list of documents typically contained within each folder. This is not a comprehensive list; if you are ever unsure about where to find or upload a particular file, just message us and we will help you sort the information you need.

Personal - Personal Taxes, reviews, and Notices of Assessment (NOA)

Compilation - Corporate tax returns, financial statements, and NOA’s

Legal - Articles of Incorporation, Shareholder Agreements, Leasehold Agreements, Car leases, and Insurance, etc.

Bookkeeping - Bank Statements, Payroll, WSIB, HST, etc.

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