Discover the power of cloud accounting

The development of new technologies is transforming how small businesses operate virtually all aspects of their business - and accounting is no exception.

Cloud accounting is the latest innovative trend changing how accountants work with small businesses and giving small businesses access to automation and technology that was previously available only to the largest corporations.

Using cloud technology, accountants can create a custom-tailored solution for small businesses to address their needs, automate mundane tasks, and provide unprecedented access to information - all at the fraction of what these features would traditionally cost.

How does cloud accounting work?

Simply put, cloud accounting is accounting work done and hosted over the internet. This setup allows accountants to work remotely with businesses all across Canada, without the need for the business owner to travel to a physical location.

By taking advantage of various cloud accounting solutions, such as QuickBooks and Dext, our clients have access to every detail of their finances at any time - helping them run their business and stay informed.

Let's change the way accounting works, together.

Before the shift to the cloud, accountants and their teams spent much of their time managing the books of their clients.

With cloud accounting changing how both businesses and their accountants operate, there is unprecedented opportunity for accountants to focus more of their time on providing value to their clients.

Now, we focus more of our time on helping support you and your small business through unlimited personalized support.

Online accounting services can help your business save time and money

Hiring someone to handle your accounting in-house can be very expensive. It is also a risk as you are placing one individual in charge of all your financial information.

An online accounting firm with certified CPA accountants gives you access to an accounting team of professionals at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Every day, we work with countless small and medium-sized businesses across Canada to help them maintain their books, answer their questions, and help them learn and take advantage of the latest cloud technology solutions.

Working with a virtual accounting firm will also free up more of your business' time and resources to focus on what you do best. With consistent access to your up to date financial data whenever you need it, you will also make more informed decisions and with peace of mind, knowing your financial data is accurate and secure.